Testimonials by some of our Grand members

What the " Grand " concierge members say about us:

'Everyone loves branded products ...branded bags, jewellery, clothes and so on. So why not branded Healthcare ? Dr Atul Mashru's Grand Concierge Healthcare is a great health concept which gives us the best in Healthcare. With this we will get to enjoy long and healthy lives and enjoy all other brands in our lives ! I am very happy and proud to be a patron of this Concierge Healthcare for last 3 years.'

Manju Mangal Lodha   Philanthropist, Writer and Socialite

'People generally appoint legal advisors, financial advisors, chartered accountants etc for their business but they forget to appoint a Health Advisor . Health is the greatest wealth and we must appoint someone to take care of our medical needs. I have appointed the Grand Concierge Healthcare to take care of me and my family. The benefits of having this are long lasting and rewarding.'

Mangal Prabhat Lodha   MLA

'I've known Dr. Atul Mashru for last 33 years and it has indeed been a pleasure to be associated with him. His rightful decision making, advice and extended support towards my family and my healthcare have resulted in tremendous improvement. I'm glad to be a part of his Grand Concierge Healthcare, which is a wonderful initiative.'

Prithviraj Kothari   Managing Director, RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited & Founder Member of JITO

'I am fit and healthy today and I wish to remain healthy forever ! I love this concept of luxury healthcare and enjoy their care and attention towards my health & fitness.'

Vivek Kothari   Head, Treasury, RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited

'I give a lot of value to health and wellness. I always want the very best in healthcare for me and my family. I am very happy with the Grand Concierge Healthcare led by Dr Atul R Mashru.'

Sukhraj Nahar    Managing Director, Nahar Group

'The Grand Concierge Healthcare is a brilliant concept which helps and motivates us to focus on health and fitness. They bring the best doctors to our doorstep and provide world class personalised treatment for us.'

Ramesh Shah   Chairman, Sumer Group

'Dr. Mashru and his team are the most well organized and competent family doctor setup in Mumbai. The Grand Concierge Healthcare has strong connections with the best specialists and hospitals in Mumbai to ensure that patients receive timely and thoughtful treatment. I recommend this Concierge Healthcare to families who care for their loved ones and want personalised medical care.'

Abhishek Mangal Lodha   Managing Director, Lodha Group

'From home visits to specialist appointments & follow-up visits, all is taken care of promptly by The Grand Concierge Healthcare. Happy to have Dr. Mashru & his wonderful team as a part of my family.'

Minal Shah   Interior Designer and Stylist

'Dr. Atul Mashru has brought in a sea-change on how we look at health in my family. Dr. Atul Mashru and his Concierge Healthcare are extremely professional. They maintain Electronic medical records with confidentiality and are proactively involved in our pursuit of health and wellness. Kudos and the highest recommendation to The Grand Concierge Healthcare.'

Manju Yagnik   Vice Chairman, Nahar Group