Customised Medical Care

A membership with The Grand Concierge Healthcare means having a very meaningful and long-lasting association with our team of doctors as your concierge physicians.

Along with their regular home visits, they will do visits whenever needed round-the-clock and as per the plan you choose.

While working on your medical profile, detailed attention will be paid to your medical history and current status. A thorough annual evaluation will be done with the help of advanced blood tests and radiological screenings. These tests are safe and non-invasive. They are based on guidelines by prestigious academic organisations of the world like World Health Organisation ( WHO) , American Diabetes Association ( ADA) , American Assosiation of Cardiology ( AAC), Centre for Disease Control (CDC), American Academy of Family Physicians ( AAFP) etc. These tests are performed by Mumbai's finest and the most acclaimed doctors.

Your results and records will be compiled in our unique software specially designed for EMR (Electronic Medical Records) to match up with the latest medical trends. The software has been designed to store your earliest records and automatically generate a comparative study with your latest lab results.

We have a mobile app designed to provide test results and medical data directly to your mobile phone to have them handy and ready for perusal by any doctor in case of emergency and while traveling.

Home visits by doctors Annual examination Advanced blood tests to prevent Cardiovascular disease Advanced hormonal tests EKG, 2 D Echocardiography and Stress test Allergy testing Spirometry Bone densitometry Advanced Radiological imaging studies Ear, Nose and Throat Check-up Complete Eye care Annual Vaccinations Travel Medicines Nutritional Assessment and Counselling by Dietician Physiotherapy sessions IV Hydration Antibiotic injections Nebulisation Vitamin shots Specialists' home visits as and when needed.

If you need to undergo any surgery or be hospitalised, the Grand Concierge will be assisting and facilitating all your requirements and holding your hand through the difficult time.